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[T3] progress on seats and door handles

Some progress I can make in this weather-I reupholstered my front seat
finally. I had done the passenger seat a while ago, and didn't really get
much benefit from that(just visual) now that my seat is reupholstered I feel
like I am in a la-z-boy it is so much nicer than sitting on springs! Next is
the rear seats...actually I still have to attach those buttons in the seat

I fixed the little handle for flipping the seat forward, the little spring
had fallen out, and was inside the seat, I found it when taking the old
upholstery off. I also put the round handle that adjusts the seat angle on.
The replacement I got is chrome, I don't know if it was originally or not. I
also have the handle for the lever that allows you to slide the seat forward
and back, but I don't know how this handle attaches, is there some little
clip that goes in there? Anyone know where to find this clip?

I also got to fix my driver side inner door handle. Since I got my
squareback almost a year ago I have been having to roll down the window &
reach outside to open the door(inner handle was broken) It got to be a
little too automatic. Such an easy fix, I don't know why I didn't do it
earlier. The new one is so smooth. Now I need to lube the latches somehow,
because the door handles are very stiff from the outside...any suggestions
on lubricating that?


'65 kombi
'71 sqbk
somerville, ma

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