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Re: [T3] FI Tester Results & Questions (long)

Oops... Sorry, missed these answers...

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:
> Yes, outside is OUT. I dont' use sealant, as that
> may may make it hard to get 
> apart in the future.

I thought some people on the list said to use normal
trim adhesive on these? Ugh...

> > 2) Start & warm-up enrichment
> Lack of the wire from the starter to the brain,
> possibly.
> What year is this? Were you set to the right year on
> the tester? The answers 
> above depend somewhat on the year.

It's possible... The square I was testing is a July 71
with 71 model everything (old brake calipers for
instance) except for the wiring harness, which you
correctly pointed out to me a while ago was a '72.

Anyway, the tester is for Type III & IV engines and
there is a switch for Type 3 70-71 and another for 72.
I used the 72. I probably should have checked all this
on the 71 setting as well.

Everything worked fine for the 72 setting though
except for these two things. The most unnerving was
the fuel injection testing... Things were clicking all
over the place. :)

Have you driven your Type 3 today?

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