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Re: [T3] VW Mechanic's/Geru's Make it sound so easy !

Yeah, I picked up quite a few shortcuts and tricks growing up from him. 
It's the stuff I picked up that makes me look like some sort of Honda
guru to the guys I help around here. :)   I'll do something, and they
are in awe, and in the back of my mind I'm thinking "my dad showed me
that when I was 10." :)  

On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 17:19, Robert Carpenter wrote:
> Last week i wrote that my clutch pedal was cracked,
> Russ told me I better remove it there maybe more
> cracks hinding behind.
> Sure enough I found more cracks, he also stated this
> was a common problem, and the shop would charge an
> hour to do it. Although he told me to undo the clutch
> cable also at the tranny to guide it back on the
> assembly, I thought i'd just fish it through.(saving
> the time from climbing under the car) What a joke I
> fished, and fished, trying to get it to loop up, so
> close so many times just no cigar.
> Finally I yielded to good advice and pushed the car on
> the ramp, released the cable, and attached the
> assembly, master brake lever, and throttle cable. It
> made it so much easier, although I think when someone
> does a job like this for the first time they tend want
> to figure out another way, more easier, yea right !!
> Now with confidence I'll rip any assembly apart and
> put it back in the only way i now know how (the right
> way)..

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