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[T3] Flat spot with open throttle

When I recently got on the expressway, I hit the gas and the car just sputtered until the rpms went down and I took my foot off the gas a bit and then it picked up again.

Some of you may recall I have a generator issue, but in this case I have a new generator (not the one you sent me jim, another one I had that had a broken field wire - I resoldered it and am waiting to see if the gen problem kicks in again.)

So I have a  working charging system.

The car is a 72 FI squareback.

My dwell is 48, my timing on the money.

I haven't looked into it yet (its night, but to be sure I'm on the right path, I plan to look at:

The rotor to make sure it isn't sticking.
My fuel lines.
Barring that I'll check for rust in the tank some weekend soon.
Should I check the throttle valve switch? How do I do that?

This ONLY happens with the pedal to the floor, at which point the engine conks out (not off, just not firing.) Keeping my foot on the floor, the engine winds down in rpm until it hits a point where it kicks back in, goes up, then stops firing again. This happens under no other conditions.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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