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Re: [T3] Older Injectors

On 30 Jun 2004 at 12:58, Steven Cooper wrote:

> I thought $75 for four injectors was pretty reasonable considering
> aircooled.net sells them for $95 each.  If you know of somewhere that sells
> new injectors for under $20ea I would really like to know where.

I'm sure the Aircooled price is the normal Bosch retail price, but I'm used to 
buying them at auction for much less. In the last year or so the price has been 
driven up rapidly; a fact that I blame on people who are replacing them when a 
simple repair of the hose is still an option. 

While old injectors DO fail occasionally, this is no reason to replace a whole 
set. Just stick to Bosch and you'll be fine. If we would all replace only what 
needs to be replaced and keep the others in service then this would reduce the 
market pressure and keep the auction price down.

If you find that you must buy a set of 4 on ebay when you only need one, 
consider using what you need and offering the extras to other listees. If you 
feel you MUST replace your whole set, I'll pay the cost for you to ship your 
old ones to me. There's just no point in going at this with the idea that the 
world's supply of these is unlimited.

I would hope that most listees are aware that MOST of the original injectors 
that are still on running cars are still fine. I'm building a new engine for 
one of my cars, and it will get good used injectors when it is done. They will 
work as well as new ones.  

I've bought NOS Bosch injectors on ebay for less than $10 apiece, but those 
days may now be gone.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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