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Re: [T3] See we have rust on the west coast!

On 29 Jun 2004 at 21:19, Scott Taylor wrote:

> Yes, It really did exit there. On emerging from the hole the harness 
> went up the outside of the hinge pillar (held in place by welded 
> clips), then entered the cabin under the dash through a grommeted hole 
> forward of the top door hinge. All of this was covered by the trailing 
> edge of the front fender but it was still somewhat exposed to weather. 
> Not the best design with regard to keeping water out. I can see why 
> they changed it.

Okay, I see (said the blind man.) I agree that this was a pretty poor way to do 
this. Not only was it exposed to crash damage, but it also let water into that 
tube, so I would guess that on these cars the tube rusted out first, and them 
the rockers.

The rear isn't nearly so bad, as the exit point is sheltered by the inner 
fender well. Still, the system introduced in '71 was much superior in every 

How was this done in beetles of that same era? I would have thought that VW 
would have developed some better ideas of how to do this by 1960.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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