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[T3] Contracting out Restoration...


So, 15 years ago when I didn't have as full time a job, I learned to take everything apart and put it back together on vw bugs, a little bit on some buses, and some type3's. ( of course, my first squareback, hooked myself and my wife forever on type3 )

I never really got anything restored to well, as I was always low on funds, and didn't have the patience for good body work.

What I've found now, is that I lack time. And I'm often thinking of hiring someone to do restoration work. but I couldn't let that happen unless I had ultimate trust that whomever I contracted has as much love for VW's as my wife and I do. ( right now there's one guy
I trust, but he's in florida an I'm in L.A. and he won't let me ship a car to him cause he says it's too much.. *grin* ) That's much harder now as I'm way outside of any VW communities. ( In L.A. you'lld think that would be hard, but it's true. )

I was wondering what the list thought of this subject?

the thing that got me more seriously considering this was I stumbled on to the website for a company in L.A. that look seriously air cooled focused:


are firms like this reputable?
are there others worth considering?

john fessenden
71' square ( in driveway )
6?' squareback ( place in my heart. )
6?' notchback ( place in my heart. )
67' bug ( in florida with brother )
17 others.. come and gone, and I would have kept them all, could i have aforded to.

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