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Re: [T3] Hill Climbing and power loss.

David wrote:
>I wanted to ask the experts out there about the loss of speed when
> approaching and climbing hills on the highway. I drove to Alabama from
> Arizona and it seemed that every time that I started climbing a hill my
> speed dropped at least 10-15 mph. On the straight ways I had no problem
>with doing 65-70.

Sounds like you're not following the laws of conservation. You're supposed to 
speed down the hills, so you carry the extra momentum up the next hill (this 
is normal mountain driving). These cars are very limited in the amount sudden 
acceleration available (in stock form), and need all the help they can get. If 
you're lifting while going down the hill (obeying the speed limit), then 
lightly accellerating at the bottom of the hill, going up, then you WILL loose 
speed (right Keith). You don't have a V8 under the hood, so you need to plan 
ahead. With only about 66 hp, you're limited in what power is available. You 
really have to drive these cars, and learn to anticipate what is required of the 
operator for the road conditions. That is what I love about these cars, I have 
some input into what's going on. : )

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square, Now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 

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