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Re: [T3] OK, I am half way there again.


Congratulations on finding a good used replacement. You explained that it was 
the weld between the pedal arm and the pedal hub on the shaft that broke. That 
should be an easy part to reweld and it should be easy to make it even stronger 
than original when you're done. I find that some VW welds are somewhat skimpy; 
they usually last pretty well, but a few fail eventually.

On 15 Jun 2004 at 17:04, David Martinez wrote:

> I do have one question; What is the correct free play the clutch pedal 
> should have? I looked in my TM and the measurement was in (mm). I forgot my 
> conversion chart in Az :] so can some one tell me what it should be? I have 
> about 1/2 inch right know but I believe it should be a little more.

As long as you have SOME free play you will be okay. I think the spec is 
something like 3/4". Just don't let it get down to zero. Keep in mind that it's 
hard to get a good handle on the real free play if the return spring on the 
side of the bell housing is broken, which it often is.

It's fairly easy to replace that spring and I've replaced so many of them that 
I started stocking them. There are 2-3 different ones, so you need to know what 
year your tranny is when you order one.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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