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[T3] I am stuck here, half way there

I did find out (the hard way) why my clutch felt like it was not grabbing,
Right now I just got it to the guest house I am staying at in second gear.
I know someone has a good one can have and preferably that can ship it by 
tomorrow, I will even pay FEDEX, I need this assembly. I know someone welded 
one a few months back on the list but I am not confident that will hold 
since I am going all the way to MD next. Will probably weld the one I take 
out and use it as a spare.
Please let me know ASAP, reasonable price. I am stuck here, half way there.

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From: "Jim Adney" <jadney@vwtype3.org>
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Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 11:39 AM
Subject: Re: [T3] I am Half way there

> On 14 Jun 2004 at 8:52, David Martinez wrote:
> > OK, you know what? I think you are dead on Jim. I do hear a click, 
> > click,
> > click underneath my rear seat on the Driver side. What I did to quite it
> > down is turn my Headlights on. I would like to get a spare VR before I 
> > start
> > my trip again to Maryland in August, I imagine CIP1 should carry them
> > right?, or more than likely Jim you will have one to sell me.
> > :]
> Yes, I have original style VRs in stock and modify them to give longer 
> life and
> not to weld the contacts. I can sell you a modified Genuine Bosch 30-019 
> for
> $40, including shipping.

I will buy that from you, but let me get this pedal assy situation taken 
care of first. I will send you a P-Email to finalize the transaction.

How much (deflection) should you have on the Generator Belt?
> 1/2" to 1". It can actually be pretty loose compared to other cars where 
> it has
> to drive much more of a load.

OK see I knew it was too tight.
I moved all six shims to the inside of the pulley now and it looks and feels 
a lot better.


67 Baltic blue Fasty
Broken down in Ft Rucker Alabama 

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