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Re: [T3] '69 T-3...won't start...

On 13 Jun 2004 at 10:10, Travis Pomfret wrote:

> My son has a '69 fastback. It's an automatic with
> fuel-injection. The car stalled and won't start now.
> We've got spark to the plugs and fuel to the lines at
> the injectors. We placed a noid bulb tester to each of
> the injector pin connectors and did not get the bulb
> to light (while cranking). Any ideas? Is the brain
> gone or could it be something else? I've checked
> around and most parts are going to be hard to find.
> Does anyone sell used (good) parts? Thanks for any
> info you can provide. Bill and Travis, La Mesa, Ca.

The Noid tester is made to test a later version of FI, but they are are being 
sold for the D-Jetronic systems as well. Unfortunately, they bend the D-Jet 
Injector connectors so that you will no longer get a good connection to your 
injectors. You will have to VERY CAREFULLY take apart each injector connector 
and gently squeez the female pins back together to fix this problem.

Only then can you go after the real problem.

You probably don't need any parts to fix this problem, but most anything you 
might ever need is available from someone on this list.

Start with the basics. When you get in the car and turn the key ON, do you hear 
a relay click and then a second click ~1 second later? Can you hear the fuel 
pump running between these two clicks? (Someone may have to stick their head 
near the RF tire to hear this.)

If you pass the tests above, gently pull the 3 pin connector out of the side of 
the distributor; don't pull on the wires. Get an Ohmmeter and connect it across 
the center pin on the distributor and one of the side pins. Have someone crank 
the engine and watch to see if the Ohmmeter oscillates between 0 and infinite 
ohms. Then check between center and the other side.

You should see oscillating resistance in both connections with the engine 
turning over. If you don't, pull the distributor and remove the FI points which 
that connector is part of. Clean the points. Don't file them, just wipe them 
clean and draw a clean piece of paper between them. With the distributor out, 
you can repeat the Ohmmeter test by turning the dist by hand.

Let us know what you find.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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