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Re: [T3] FI gone - new 34 ICT Webers installed, just one small problem...

On 7 Jun 2004 at 13:03, Edward Morris wrote:

> 1969 Fastback, AT (sea level)
> It starts and idles fine.  
> It has an AT - on a level surface everything's fine, but as soon as
> there's a slight hill it starts to sputter. 

Does it also sputter under hard acceleration? That should be equivalent. It's 
possible that the jetting just isn't right yet. Have you played with the 
jetting? Did you think this would just work out of the box?

Do you know how these are jetted now, and do you have a supply of alternate 
jets to try?

> My first guess was the Vacuum Advance.  I checked it and it works as it
> should (mech advance okay as well) My next guess is that it's not
> pulling ENOUGH vacuum to operate the vacuum mechanism properly.  How
> can I test this? 

If you're using the FI distributor and plumbing it into the manifold vacuum, 
then this is not working right (ie it is not doing what it needs to be doing, 
nor what you think it should be doing.) The point is that there are lots of 
different kinds of vacuum ports and you can't just hook a random vacuum advance 
can up to a random source of vacuum and expect the result to be correct.

Try just disconnecting the vacuum advance and see if it runs the same on both 
the level and on hills. If so, then the VA might be the problem, or you may 
find that it actually runs better all the time (because the VA is actually 
acting like a vacuum retard now.)

The FI distributor has a very good mechanical advance, so it should work very 
nicely with that advance alone.

> Another symptom ... AT reluctant to shift into 3rd. First to second is
> okay. 

What have you connected the AT vacuum modulator to? This is another case where 
you need vacuum, but this time manifold vacuum is probably okay. My guess is 
that it is not connected to anything now; it won't shift into 3rd until you fix 
this. Dual carb AT cars actually used a different VW however, but you'll never 
find one in the US. This one should work reasonably well.

There are lots of possibilities here. One is that the carbs aren't appropriate. 
I've heard that some Webers have the float bowl arranged so that one side 
floods while the other side goes lean when the engine is tilted. Someone who 
knows your carbs will have to advise you here.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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