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Re: [T3] blinker problems/spade connector source

Kevin wrote:
>Yeah I see how to dismantle this end connector, the wires for the ignition
>are too long to go into this, and I didn't want to cut them-for fear of
>cutting too short. I just soldered on the old ends, but I did a neater job,
>with shrink wrap. Hopefully these will be thin enough if I ever have to
>disassemble. The wires were previousl soldered onto the original ends, but
>not the best job. I just would prefer to have the spade connectors-it looks
>cleaner, and if I need to get at the steering column thing again...

Kevin, I just had to do something similar to this on my wife's 70 Fastback. 
In my case the blk/grn wire was grounding to something inside the column 
housing, blowing the fuse for the turn signals. By the time I got the wires fixed, 
the flasher relay box (5 terminal version) had also died (it might have been 
gone before then, as I was checking the rest of the wiring). I ended up using a 
standard turn signal relay that can be found in most domestic cars (and auto 
stores) : ) to fix mine. I used the white wire that normally went to terminal 
49, and the blue wire (with it's little blue and red jumper wire) that went to 
49a. I didn't use the ground wire, and there wasn't any other wires on the 
other terminals (just those 3 connections).

I did check the rest of the car first, so that I could verify what really 
needed to be fixed. I used a different method to check the rest of the car 
without using the 4 ways though. I used an aligator clamp equipped jumper wire, and 
attached one end to 12 volts +  (red wire at the fuse box), and then inserted 
the other end into the blk/wht (left side) and then the blk/grn (right side) 
and verified that both ends were lit when power was applied to them. If you 
look behind or above/in front of the fuse box, you'll see 2 "T" shaped 
connectors, these are for the turn signal connections. These are where I did my test 
jumping for the car's system (verified they lit up). I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square, Now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 

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