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AT trouble update (was Re: [T3] reuse AT pan gasket?)

Looks like June is automatic transmission month on the Type III list! :-o

	The latest on my troubles below:

At 11:40 PM -0500 6/2/04, Jim Adney wrote:

Because I don't know how to check the vacuum modulator (Bentley
Make sure the hose to it is not broken anywhere. If the VM doesn't see manifold

I took off the hose. It looked fine, though a little stiff. I plugged one end and tried to blow into the other, and it didn't seem leaky.

I had a length of cloth-covered f.i. fuel hose, so I cut off a piece and installed it on the car. No change.

vacuum it will try to hold the AT in 2nd. Make sure the diaphram isn't leaking;
if it's leaking the hose will be full of red ATF.

There was only a little bit of motor-oil-looking wetness at the low end of the hose, definitely not full of red ATF.

You can unscrew the VM (lots of ATF will spill out) and suck on it. You should

	Ok, this is on the to-do list.

 I found reference to somebody whose 1969 AT would not find third unless
 his hot dipstick measure was at top or slightly overfilled.  He had

It's an easy conjecture to test. ;-)

	Ok -- it's now definitely full to overfull, and it still has troubles.

Low fluid level will certainly make it not want to shift, but what I'm more
used to seeing is that they hesitate to move off from a standing start.

Alright... a few times in the recent past, it did this, too -- and now it's doing it more. Here's the latest after yesterday's test drive with the new vm hose & full-to-overfull ATF:

o Sometimes, after decelerating to a stop, the transmission will come out of gear, and not engage in any forward or reverse selection until I rev up the engine a good deal.
o It doesn't like to find third gear -- most likely way to get it into third is to speed up, then pop into N and let engine drop to idle, then ease the selector into 3.
o When accelerating, it does not like to leave 1st to shift into 2nd.

Bleh. :(

Is the governor the most likely candidate to be giving all of these symptoms?


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