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RE: generator noise

<x-flowed>>Is that all the shims that were in it?? If so, that was the problems.
there are supposed to be about 6 shims in there. I would have to do some
checking on the exact number. It looks as if it were not completely
tight. The nut was tight against the hub, and not against the 2 halves.

Only two were inside one was outside.  I thought the whole point of
the shims was to remove them as the belt wears/stretches.
Mark Healey

Yes but you remove them from the middle and put them on the outside of the pulley..
Thats basic pulley meltdown thats common with the aftermarket bug pulleys, for a t3
one it was probably just too loose from not enough shims and driven long enough to disintigrtde everything. The good news is you probably just need a new pulley and some more shims. I cant tell you how many pulley eaters ive had when it comes to bugs, but so far the t3 has been very good.
I have a generator question as well. What if, after a few brews 'someone' were to hook up 12 volts to the field connection of the generator. After I, i mean someone turned the key and realized the light didnt go out (and car didnt start), i fixed the wires but had blown up the generator + reg by driving it home that way. I had a spare of each and off I went. What damage did i cause to that gen, should a basic rebuilder be able to fix it, is it worthwhile or just save and get a new one for a spare? What should it cost to fix the damaged one? Noone i know has t3 parts so Im trying to accumulate spares for everything to get the car back on the road as fast as I can, should it break.

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