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Re: [T3] reuse AT pan gasket?

On 2 Jun 2004 at 10:31, Greg Merritt wrote:

> > looked good. Why are you removing the pan so soon?
> 	Because I don't know how to check the vacuum modulator (Bentley
> didn't seem to help?) and the governor looks scary and I don't know what
> qualifies as a dirty governor (although I could guess).  I do know how to
> check a screen to see if it's dirty.

Make sure the hose to it is not broken anywhere. If the VM doesn't see manifold 
vacuum it will try to hold the AT in 2nd. Make sure the diaphram isn't leaking; 
if it's leaking the hose will be full of red ATF.

You can unscrew the VM (lots of ATF will spill out) and suck on it. You should 
be able to stick some kind of rod down the inside end and feel it move when you 
suck on it. (Just use a clean piece of hose.

> I found reference to somebody whose 1969 AT would not find third unless
> his hot dipstick measure was at top or slightly overfilled.  He had
> 30,000 happy miles this way.  Maybe mine is in the same condition? 

It's an easy conjecture to test.  ;-)

Low fluid level will certainly make it not want to shift, but what I'm more 
used to seeing is that they hesitate to move off from a standing start.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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