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Re: [T3] Door Lock removal

On 31 Jan 2004 at 14:35, hisham bakr wrote:

> Hi all, my door lock had just decided to quit after 30+  years. Luckily in
> front of my house. Now the driver door doesn't lock anymore. My question is,
> can I take the lock out without totally removing the window and its guide
> channel? also, are our locks interchangeable with Bug's or any other type
> vw? or do I have to look only for a T3 in the junk yard? Any tricks on how
> to keep the door latched while I drive to the junk yard? its my first time
> doing this :-)

The LOCK is in the outside handle and can be removed without taking anything 
else apart. There's a good chance that this is where the problem is. To take it 
out, you just have to remove the black plastic plug in the jamb to the rear of 
the handle, and unscrew the large Phillips head screw that is under there. 
Don't lose the washer.

Then push the handle about 1/4" forward and lift it out.

The handles are the same as a Beetles, but the little extension actuator is 
different. You can transfer that if necessary; you should also transfer the 
lock cylinder so that the same key continues to work.

If the problem is that the door won't LATCH, then you have to take more things 
apart. You'll have to remove the outside handle and the inner vinyl panel. 
Carefully pull aside the plastic sheet, remove the 3 large bolts that hold the 
latch in place and pull the latch out. There will probably be a small 
coil.spring which has broken. You can replace it with something similar from 
the hardware store.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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