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Re: [T3] Charging System Polarization

On 31 Jan 2004 at 14:51, Garret Trask wrote:

> After I got everything hooked back up, I started the car and the red
> light went out like I was hoping.  I let it run for a while, and the
> new VR was making a faint chattering noise.  I still had the back seat
> out so I looked back there, and saw smoke rising from the new VR.  So
> I shut off the car. 

There is a resistor on the under side of the VR which will get pretty hot. This 
is just oil vaporizing off it. This is normal, although it is seldom noticed.  

> I went ahead and did the polarization step (as specified in the Muir
> manual). 

You didn't need to. We hope you didn't hurt anything.  

> Any thoughts on this?  Would a chattering and smoking VR be consistent
> with the polarization step being skipped? 


> Or do I perhaps have a bad VR?  The VR brand is "Echlin", I bought it
> from a local napa auto parts store a year ago.  I'd rather have a
> Bosch, but I don't want to buy another VR unless I have to. 

I'm not fond of that brand. It will last a couple of years and then you can get 
a decent one.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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