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Re: Dual Carb - 72 Squareback - Not running right

On 31 Jan 2004 at 0:16, Kris Kuckowicz wrote:

> Was hoping for a bit of help here.  I have a 72 squareback that has had
> a engine swap to a 1641 w/ brand new Weber 34 ICT's.  Basically the car
> has no top end.  It idles fine and pulls great however when getting to
> the upper range of any of the four gears there's no power whatsoever.  
> Valves are adjusted properly,  009 distributor is timed to 10 degrees
> and has compufire ignition, new cap, rotor & spark plugs. 130 mains, 50
> idle, F78 emulsion tubes, not sure of the size of the airs.  There are
> no leaks around the carbs or manifolds. 

Watch your timing with a timing light. Does it advance as the RPMs go up? If 
the advance mechanism was sticky it would not, and then you'd get these exact 

Sticky or frozen Bosch distributor advance mechanisms are a common problem, and 
can even happen in a "new" distributor if it sat on someone's shelf for years. 
I can rebuild it, but I think the OE FI distributor might be a better choice, 
as they have a better advance curve and I have the parts for them.

I charge $55, including return shipping to rebuild these.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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