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Re: [T3] Fuel coming from somewhere.

It's probably the main fuel hose from the tunnel to the engine - a couple of
feet of 7/32" (about 6mm bore) and maybe a couple of new clips would help.
As Jim warns, keep a replacement away from the CV joints.  You will probably
need some help to hold the metal tube where it goes through the engine
cover-plate while you push the tube on from below.  It will help to have the
car raised at the back and tank contents below about 1/2 full, at least to
replace the front end of the hose.  I've done it with rear wheels up on a
brick each side, and the fuel drained into polythene washing-up bowls - that
left space for me underneath, and I'm not slim!

PS This is not really advice - you do it at your own risk. ;-)

Dave Hall.
UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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> Hey all!
> You're right; I forgot to mention it was a dual-carb 69 square!
> I'm guessing that the hose was *indeed* one of those German cover hose
> thingies, because it sort of looks silver/grey, and looks like it's
> braided.
> I'm gonna grab my toolkit and head over to its location to do what you
> all told me!   Can I just pick up replacement parts from the local
> Kragen, or are these specialty items? Now that you know what kind of car
> it is, how much hose and what kind do I need?
> On the lighter side, I forgot to mention that there was a neat little
> YELLOW squareback at a car lot that I saw on the way home!  It looked
> pretty stock, and in great condition.  Once *my* car is working again,
> I'm gonna tool over there and take some pics, and see how much it's
> going for!  I'll post the pics just for sh*ts and giggles.
> Take care!
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