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[T3] Fuel coming from somewhere.

Hey yall, just caught a ride home from work.  Why?  Cause I went out to
my car during a break, and found a big puddle and a drip of gas coming
from my car!  It seemed to be located near the rear, and I noticed that
the fuel filter and the hoses near the filter were wet with gas.  People
have mentioned things about air-cooled cars and their propensity for
catching on fire, and it was enough to scare me from driving it.  

Yikes and damn. 

Had a mech buddy come outside to take a look, and he smelled the
dipstick, as well as tried to set it on fire, (the dipstick, that is.
Far from the vehicle) and he was pretty convinced that there was no "gas
in the case". 

I'm still not sure what any of this means, but I would like to know if
you have any ideas on the best and worst case scenarios!

I'm off to go thumb through my Bentley, and my Muir book to see if I can
find anything!  Thanks in advance for your input. 

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My guess is that any original aftermarket Wide-5 wheels are going to be
valuable than their 4-lug counterparts.  Here's the ad I was looking at:


They seem kind of expensive, considering their condition.  Then again,
same guy is selling the center caps for $35/each.

I was going to go with BRM replicas, but after seeing this car:


I've decided on the Sprintstars.


> Ah, I read that as he was wondering about original EMPI Sprintstar
> since it's all one sentence.
> I was ready to buy a couple sets of EMPI Sprintstars, fully restored,
> you Jim! I like your prices!!
> ;-)
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