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Re: [T3] How much are original Sprintstars worth?

>>>> I'm looking at a set of EMPI Sprintstar wheels for our Fastback, and I'm
>>>> wondering how much original wheels that need to be restored (straight, but
>>>> need painting or powdercoating) are worth?
>>> Hardly anything. I'd say $5-10 at the very most. I have a bunch which I've
>>> refurbished, and I figure that after they've been sandblasted and repainted
>>> they're worth about $35, which is pretty much what the refirbishing cost.
>> Uh, are you kidding Jim? Am I missing something here?
> Maybe I misunderstood, but I took the OP to be asking about ORIGINAL wheels,
> as in OE. OE wheels which needed to be restored are what I was responding
> about.
Ah, I read that as he was wondering about original EMPI Sprintstar wheels,
since it's all one sentence.

I was ready to buy a couple sets of EMPI Sprintstars, fully restored, from
you Jim! I like your prices!!



Phillip Bradfield

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