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Re: [T3] Translation

Belive me I know how hard it is to find my color. Danny Zapeta has
tons(alot) of OEM NOS fender beading. He has adds on the samba listing a
minor spec of what he has. And hold the phone alot of its 70-73 funky colors
like Orange! :) So you late guys are in luck. But I chose a color that at
best was a third or fourth choice AND only offered for 62&63. Kind of sucks
but thats what I get for trying to get the real stuff after I paint the car.
So if its meant to be......... Ill keep my fingers crossed and keep hope.
Besides the fronts are done and real nice.


link to Danny Z


> 311 821 715 A 369 is the part number for LH rear and 311 821 716 A 369 for
> RH rear.
> Maybe his reply is the German colloquial equivalent of  "you must be
> joking".  ;-)  There's not much chance of finding any wing beading these
> days, let alone the original colour.  Painting seems the only remedy, and
> most likely you'll need repro beading (not sure who had that last).
> Dave Hall.
> UK VW Type 3&4 Club
> www.hallvw.clara.co.uk

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