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Re: [T3] Quality T3 time and #3 spark retard

> Don't be too hard on it. The compression figure that really counts is the
> taken with a warmed up engine. The numbers above may be overly
Yes, I'm relying on them being low, though Bentley says 100 to 140 as OK for
'71.  I don't expect as much compression cold, though it would have been
nicer if they had been closer to each other.  The fact it runs well, pulls
well and idles evenly when warm shows things can't be too bad, but when
warming up it's not in balance so I expect the choke adjustments aren't
close enough to each other.  I had both carbs off when doing the compression
test, so WOT or choke setting wasn't relevant.

> Would the 1st fault make that side run rich all the time? If so, your
> compression might also improve after running awhile with this corrected.
The choke flap is held shut when cold by the pre-tension in the bimetal
choke spring, and is fully open when the spring no longer bears on the flap
operating lever.   It also opens under air-flow when accelerating.   Without
the spring hooked up, it stays fully open, so it's not been a problem hot.
In fact it wasn't really a problem warming up even with one choke fully
open - the balance pipes keep things fairly even at higher rpm but I
wouldn't expect it to be fully effective at idle.
I think things are improving - the old plugs were worn but had been firing
reasonably OK, with no crusty build-up and brownish colour.

Dave Hall.
UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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> On 30 Jan 2004 at 2:03, Dave Hall wrote:
> > Having checked compression that one was actually the highest at 110, but
> > 2 was down at 80, with the others at 100.  That's with a cold engine
> > and not having run for a few days.
> > I found 3 faults on the carbs when removing them (makes getting at the
> > and compression checking easy!) - the RH choke flap was detached from
> > bi-metal spring (uh? how?), the LH had its electro-magnetic cut-off
> > loose, and the choke flap screws were loose.
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