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Re: [T3] VW Fun Fact of The Day !

Keith wrote:
>Well, actually I meant modern era VW's but even the air cooled ones 
>wont swallow valves if you dont use poor quality aftermarket parts or let 
>the guides get too worn. 

Yeah, I probably should have replaced some parts on it, since it was a 19 
year old engine with stock OE parts in it (76 bug). It was probably my own fault 
for driving it everyday and putting some 70+ miles per day on it, but it did 
get regular valve adjustments and oil changes. The second engine did what it 
was supposed to do, get me around until I had the first rebuilt. I only paid 45 
bucks for the second one, as I got it from a Harley guy who didn't put all the 
cooling tin back on it, then wondered why it ran hot (it had 87mm cylinders 
too). But, after the second engine ate the same #4 exhaust valve, I decided to 
run better fuel (premium) in ALL of my air cooled VWs, and it's been working 
just fine since. 

> Ill bet many of us have no idea how many miles are on our heads... 
>and many are overdue for a refresh.

This part does apply to me though, as the engine in my Notch had unknown 
miles when I got it used back in 1998, and I've probably only put another 12,000 
on it since. I do know I need to get in there and do a rebuild, but it runs too 
well for me to justify going in there. I do know that it has never been 
opened up, so it also has genuine german VW parts inside it from 1973. My Square 
has this same problem too, as I don't know when the PPO did a rebuild on it, but 
it runs very well too. The rest of the type3s I have here I can look up and 
see when they were done, and how many miles they've had put on them since their 

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       71 Square, Now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen 

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