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[T3] Quality T3 time and #3 spark retard

While looking for intermittent rough running on my '71 Square twin carb, I
decided after quite a few thousands of miles the plugs probably needed
checking.  Three came out fairly easily, but no.4 plug needed a lot of
force, and successively undoing a bit then tightening a bit eventually did
the trick.  There was some galling on the innermost threads, but I ran the
new plug in and out a couple of times with anti-seize on the thread and it
seems OK.

Having checked compression that one was actually the highest at 110, but no.
2 was down at 80, with the others at 100.  That's with a cold engine (50F?)
and not having run for a few days.  I'm not too worried about the 80 - the
engine has done 85,000 miles since new, including a lot of short journeys
and some longer trips to Europe so it deserves an overhaul in the near
future.  I'll check the valves when it warms up again as it's below freezing
here, but not much - I have my standards though.  ;-)

The new plugs made it a lot better, and now I've patched the biggest holes
in the muffler it only pops a bit as it warms up.

I found 3 faults on the carbs when removing them (makes getting at the plugs
and compression checking easy!) - the RH choke flap was detached from the
bi-metal spring (uh? how?), the LH had its electro-magnetic cut-off
loose, and the choke flap screws were loose.  Now I've got to re-balance the
carbs again, but maybe I'll do a proper clean out first and set the chokes
evenly - I think the starting mixture is over-rich on one carb at least.  I
don't think they've been looked at for six years or more, but maybe only
about 20,000 miles covered in that time.
The idling CO when warm was still at the 3% since adjusting it a few weeks
ago, and it runs fine when warm, with plenty of acceleration (well, 0-60 in
20 seconds, or whatever is normal).

BTW, There's nothing like convincing yourself by seeing it with your own
eyes; timing mark is (maybe 1/4") to the right of the crankcase line for
number 3cyl when spot on for number 1.  Been meaning to try it for ages out
of curiosity.

Dave Hall.
UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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