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RE: [T3] Jump starting

Yeah I just changed my oil the other day(switched to 5W-30 for the colder
weather) not the best time to be changing oil, I think my hands practically
froze off...

Just a suggestion on the starting, I have had problems in the past due to my
impatience, basically pumping the throttle too much, flooding the engine,
and the engine sounds like it needs more gas, when in reality it starts
better without touching the gas pedal...


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>What have you done and what seems to be 
>the problem now.

Well, my battery died due to the sub-zero weather 
we've been having, so I went to jump it. In my
wind chill factor of -20 induced mania, I reversed
the cables on the running car, a compact car. 

I tried to start it a few turns, but it wouldn't 
start, so I stopped. I did short the radio fuse.
I noticed a fuel leak on the right side injector,
and also one on the right side line that I beleive
was preventing it from starting. I replaced the 
injector hose, reversed the cables and tried again,
still no start, and the injector still leaked, but
the fuel pump engaged, the clicks were okay and plenty  
of gas was getting to the right side injector. It
almost started, but what I percieved as a lack of
gas wouldn't let it.

Its now in the shop having some exhaust work
done. I towed it in.

BTW, I don't advise auto repair in subzero weather.

'71 FI AT Square

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