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Re:[T3] 72 squareback - Engine Fire

On 23 Jan 2004 at 16:27, Matt Lundy wrote:

> In any case, regarding my 72 squareback  that had the engine fire,
> since the wiring harness was completely melted and a lot of the FI
> components were damaged, I was strongly leaning towards getting a used
> wiring harness from a junked 72 squareback, and  converting to carbs.I
> was gonna use a 1972 harness so : 

> 1) If in the future I changed my mind about FI, I could convert back 

> 2) I would not have to retrofit a pre 1969 harness for rear defroster,
> backup lights etc. 

There are really 2 different wiring harnesses here. One is the FI harness, 
which you won't need at all unless you install the FI. 

The other is just the wires for the ignition and charging system, those and the 
other wires which run thru the engine compartment are probably best just 
repaired rather than replaced, because replacement is a monumental job.

> 1) What kind of damage should I be looking for with
> water sitting in the engine for 2 months? Would it be
> a simple visual inspection of the cases, bearings etc,
> or are there some that can only be done in a machine
> shop?

A simple visual inspection would probably be adequate. I'd worry that the 
bearings might be corroded, but you'll probably just replace those anyway.

> 3) If I do decide to convert back to the stock Bosch
> D-jet FI system, will I be able to use it once I
> increase the displacement to 1776cc?

That's just a 10% increase, so I think it would be fine. You would want to 
increase the fuel pressure by 10% to compensate.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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