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Re: [T3] Re: FI Tuning Help

On 23 Jan 2004 at 22:08, Tony Rongey wrote:

> Aux air valve was sticking; got it freed up, but it never seems to
> close all the way when the engine is running. Should it? 

The way to check them is to hold your thumb over the opening with the engine 
running. Ignore the impression that there is still vacuum there, because there 
will always be. The thing to watch for is whether the idle speed changes when 
you remove and replace your thumb. The idle speed should change when the engine 
is cold, but it should not change when the engine is hot.

> Pressure switch and pressure sensor both hold vacuum. 
> Pressure switch switches when vacuum applied.

Sounds fine.

> Having trouble getting resistance readings. Everything I test
> (pressure sensor, various throttle position switches) starts at a low
> value then slides up to infinity.  Is this a problem with my tester, or
> are all of my parts showing a similar symptom of something?  I've been
> told that an analog meter would be better for this job. 

I wonder if you are testing the right things. What happens when you just touch 
the two test probes together? What kind of meter? What settings on the meter?

Give us an example of something you tested and exactly where you put the 
probes. I can't help thinking that you're doing something wrong.

I love analog meters, but either kind should give you pretty much the same 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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