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Re:[T3] 72 squareback - Engine Fire

That is very odd..
I looked at my sent mailbox and it said that the first
message I posted was sent out Jan 13, and did not
appear until today (Jan 22) I wasn't sure if I had
been added to the list.

In any case, regarding my 72 squareback  that had the
engine fire, since the wiring harness was completely
melted and a lot of the FI components were damaged, I
was strongly leaning towards getting a used wiring
harness from a junked 72 squareback, and  converting
to carbs.I was gonna use a 1972 harness so :
1) If in the future I changed my mind about FI, I
could convert back
2) I would not have to retrofit a pre 1969 harness for
rear defroster, backup lights etc. 

Since I posted my first message, I  drained the oil,
and to my horror I found that the crankcase had about
1/2 gallon of water sitting inside of it, presumably
from the PO putting out the engine fire with a garden
hose, then letting it sit in his garage for 2 months
before I got a hold of it. :( This means that the
engine will definitely need to be taken apart. Since
it is already going to be apart, I was considering
maybe upping the displacement to 1776 cc.
I have read in several places that this is about the
practical limit in the type 3 VW because of cooling
issues etc. I was wondering:

1) What kind of damage should I be looking for with
water sitting in the engine for 2 months? Would it be
a simple visual inspection of the cases, bearings etc,
or are there some that can only be done in a machine

2) What kind of carb setup would you recommend for a
1776? I see that CBperformance sells a Dual Weber 40
IDF kit with manifolds that will fit a type 3. Or
should I just go with dual solexs?

3) If I do decide to convert back to the stock Bosch
D-jet FI system, will I be able to use it once I
increase the displacement to 1776cc?

Thanks in advance,

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