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RE: [T3] drive shaft help plz


yeah I cleaned those things till they shined like they just came out of the
box regreased them with grease.  everything seems fine and it looks exactly
like the picture but for some weird reason it just doesn't wanna budge...
maybe the motion from the cv joint coming loose at the bolts damaged the
joint and gave it some microfractures?

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On 22 Jan 2004 at 17:57, Corivus De Lan wrote:

> Okay so if you guys remember a while back the drive shaft on our 71
> broke actually the bolts around it came loose and snapped off.  So I got
> those off but in the process of taking the final bolt out, the bearings
> the constant velocity joint (if I have that correctly the part that the cv
> boot is secured to just behind the brakes) fell out, I was reading they
> should snap in, however they didn't

It IS possible to assemble a CV joint improperly, and if you do this they
bind up. If you have it wrong you must take it apart again and put it back
together right. You need to take a really good look at the photo in the
manual showing how they go together. Note that there are 6 notches both the
inner and outer races. Between adjacent notches there is either a wide or a
narrow space; these alternate.

Viewed from either side, wide spaces in the outer race should face narrow
spaces in the inner race.

Each race also has an inner and an outer face. The center hole is chamfered
the side that faces the center of the axle shaft. The outer race has a
around the outer corner which faces away from the center of the axle shaft.

If the parts fell out, they probably fell on the ground, so you should clean
everything up before reassembling.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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