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Re: [T3]

On 17 Jan 2004 at 19:53, wfoh8x9 Martinez-Ortiz wrote:

> I wanted to know, besides the obvious cooling configuration, and other 
> hardware differences, What would it take to put a T1 engine in a T3. 
> Specifically a 67 FastBack. Is there any tranny mounting differences from a 
> T1 to T3? I am just considering a engine swap. 

The cooliing system is completely different, so you will need to change all the 
sheet metal and fan to get it to cool properly. If you just stick the type 1 
engine in there it will fit okay and it will seem to run okay, but it will 
overheat and die rather quickly.

When you change the sheet metal you will find that the type 3 oil cooler won't 
fit because the case has the wrong stud to fit the type 3 oil cooler. This can 
be fixed, but it's not straightforward. You'll also find that the type 3 oil 
filler pipe has no place to attach.

The distributor drive gear should be turned so that it is in the right position 
for a type 3 engine.

If you want to get the engine cover closed you'll have to change the fuel 
system to one that will fit under the cover.

The engine to transmission mating is the same for type 1s & 3s, assuming you 
are within the same range of years. If not, you may have to swap the pressure 
plate or buy a new pressure plate and driven disk.

While this swap may seem inviting, there are a lot of little details involved. 
There's nothing here that can't be done, but unless you're really well versed 
in type 3 mechanics you'll have a lot of trouble getting it all working.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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