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Re: [T3] Alfa Romeo's distributor

On 23 Jan 2004 at 10:25, emilio tiraboschi wrote:

> here in Italy many beetle owners put in their engines the "Alfa Romeo 33" 
> distributor/electronic ignition (the shaft and the gear are the same as the 
> vw). The AR "33" has a very powerful 4 cyl boxer watercooled engine 1.3 1.5 
> and 1.7 cc, someone has put this engine on beetles too. There are two 
> different types of AR's distributors (both without the lubrication hole): 
> the later type has the "module sensor" for the ignition mounted on the side 
> of the distributor itself, the earlier has that sensor mounted on the coil. 
> Now I'm having some ignition troubles on my notch (70, dual carb, AT) and 
> I'll try to install the Alfa's distributor; I haven't it yet

Sounds like an interesting idea, but the type 3 Bosch distributors are very 
reliable and such a swap really only offers the advantage of being maintenance 
free (until something goes wrong with the electronic module.)

Just about the only thing, other than points, that your regular distributor 
needs is an occasional drop of oil down the center of the distributor shaft.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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