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[T3] Alfa Romeo's distributor

<x-flowed>Hi all!
here in Italy many beetle owners put in their engines the "Alfa Romeo 33" distributor/electronic ignition (the shaft and the gear are the same as the vw). The AR "33" has a very powerful 4 cyl boxer watercooled engine 1.3 1.5 and 1.7 cc, someone has put this engine on beetles too. There are two different types of AR's distributors (both without the lubrication hole): the later type has the "module sensor" for the ignition mounted on the side of the distributor itself, the earlier has that sensor mounted on the coil. Now I'm having some ignition troubles on my notch (70, dual carb, AT) and I'll try to install the Alfa's distributor; I haven't it yet so I don't know if on the T3 engine there is enough space between the fuel pump and the generator. The mechanich told me that in some cases wires for cylinders 1 and 3 must be inverted but he does not remember when and why! Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!



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