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Re: [T3] 72 squareback - Engine Fire

Vespa - that's interesting - there are quite a few VW people who also own
Vespa's - me included. Any more out there???

2000 PX150E, Polini exhaust, cowl mirrors, clear lens.
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From: "Matt Lundy" <hairshaker67@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 8:31 AM
Subject: [T3] 72 squareback - Engine Fire

> Hi everybody,
> I posted the message below on the shoptalk forums and
> was directed to this list. Sorry for the double
> posting for people who read both.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> I just picked up a '72 squareback that was the
> unfortunate victim of an engine fire. I'd like to get
> it running first, then eventually paint and and
> restore it. The body is in pretty good shape, with the
> exception of a dent in the front trunk lid. I know
> that an engine fire is pretty much the worst thing
> that happen to a VW, and I think I can see why, as all
> of the insulation has melted off the wires.
> I just wanted to get your expert opinions on which way
> to proceed. Keep in mind that I am pretty new to this,
> I have worked on some twostroke Vespa scooter engines,
> but never a 4stroke car engine.
> I would like to keep the fuel injection, but I don't
> think that will be possible as the wiring harness is
> melted, and is apparently NLA. I would also question
> the viability of the ECU and other parts after fire
> being exposed to fire and then the water the PO used
> to put it out. Would I be better off converting this
> engine to a carbureted setup, and if so what would I
> need to change? I imagine that I would need the carbs,
> the intake manifold, a new fuel pump and a new wiring
> harness.  I will take some pictures and post a link
> soon.
> I know this sounds like an obvious question, but do
> you think that is is necessary to dismantle and
> rebuild the engine after a fire like this, or do you
> think I could get away with swapping in the necessary
> parts without taking apart the crankcase?
> Thanks in advance,
> Matt
> P.S. I live in the San Diego area
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