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[T3] 72 squareback - Engine Fire

Hi everybody, 

I posted the message below on the shoptalk forums and
was directed to this list. Sorry for the double
posting for people who read both. 

I just picked up a '72 squareback that was the
unfortunate victim of an engine fire. I'd like to get
it running first, then eventually paint and and
restore it. The body is in pretty good shape, with the
exception of a dent in the front trunk lid. I know
that an engine fire is pretty much the worst thing
that happen to a VW, and I think I can see why, as all
of the insulation has melted off the wires. 

I just wanted to get your expert opinions on which way
to proceed. Keep in mind that I am pretty new to this,
I have worked on some twostroke Vespa scooter engines,
but never a 4stroke car engine. 

I would like to keep the fuel injection, but I don't
think that will be possible as the wiring harness is
melted, and is apparently NLA. I would also question
the viability of the ECU and other parts after fire
being exposed to fire and then the water the PO used
to put it out. Would I be better off converting this
engine to a carbureted setup, and if so what would I
need to change? I imagine that I would need the carbs,
the intake manifold, a new fuel pump and a new wiring
harness.  I will take some pictures and post a link

I know this sounds like an obvious question, but do
you think that is is necessary to dismantle and
rebuild the engine after a fire like this, or do you
think I could get away with swapping in the necessary
parts without taking apart the crankcase? 

Thanks in advance, 

P.S. I live in the San Diego area

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