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Re: [T3] T3 Weekend work (shocks and carbs - long)

>   I pulled out my manuals and none of  the ones you list show it (I
> even have the Scientific).  Picutes of the cover are all from above!
> However it is in the orange Elfrink, page 78.  As a matter of fact, if
> you want to know how air and fuel flow in all modes check out 75 through
> 78.  Elfrink describes the power tube as "calibrated", so I guess the
> tube itself is the "jet".  The tube fits in the carb cover in the corner
> of the fuel bowl closest to the electric idle cut-off jet.  Perhaps if
> both your carbs are missing this part the car may run smoothly on hills,
> but be anemic.  From my experience having one functioning jet is
> noticeable rough in >70 or hill climbing.


I finally found the exploded diagram on the web, I knew one of you guys had
it on their site (Dave Hall has it).  View it at:

The pieces that I found are just not in the diagram, this increases my
suspicion that the parts were added in there for some reason.  I may take
some photos of these pieces  in the weekend.

71 Notch

PS.  My car passed the inspection for registration renewal with not one
single problem. :)

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