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Re: [T3] Anyone interested in my '63 Notch ??

<x-flowed>I would if I could, Bob. I really like the Notchback design (though if i had my druthers, I'd go for a '65, since that was the year I was born!)

Anyway, even with an upcoming tax refund, $4k is outta my league! Perhaps on TheSambe, or type3.org classifieds?

Good luck with it.

- john in Albuquerque

--On Tuesday, January 20, 2004 8:07 PM -0800 Robert Carpenter <brnagn7@yahoo.com> wrote:

--- Robert Carpenter <brnagn7@yahoo.com> wrote:
I've currently found myself in a push situation and
may be forced to sell my '63 2nd owner notchback at
loss. I have to have this gone in two months and I
dont have the time to finish the job without
it' so far all has been done 100% correct.

car is complete with motor and everything intact and
running, upholstery and all glass and rubber has
removed, car was 99% rust free, with the exception
a little hole at bottom lower fender.

Car is completely blocked and ready for paint..

I have the PPG antracite base/clear paint.
all new rubber and scrapers throughout.
new nos push button covers.
good glass/lenses/all electric works perfect 6v
original motor and trans 122,000
new michelans/ type 3 wheels beige, and slate grey.
Floor pans painted with POR-15, all parts removed
placed in Zip lock backs and labeled for easier

Low back seats are complete with nice upholstery
allthough the PO had no intension of matching stock
options. Z rests nicely wraped in grey leather, rear
armrest seat. All chrome is good to perfect
have payment coupons from '63 with germany shipping.

for more information email me and i will send in
details, and pics.. I will post on the samba as soon
as I get a chance. If I dont find a good home for
the notchster will simply tag along to our new home
with us..

my loss at $4,000

Riverside, CA

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