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Re: [T3] Type 3 Movie Siteing

--- Richard Green <rlgreen@industryinet.com> wrote:

> Godzilla vs Megalon. The "Hero" is driving a RHD
> yellow fastback TL. It 
> has the roof cut for what looks a full length  rag
> top that goes all the 
> way back past the rear window. It is a 4speed by
> watching it. Car chase 
> too, where the fasty escapes a motorcycle and what
> looks like a small 
> Fiat that were chaseing it. Off road, down stairs 
> and all kinds of such.

Hi All,

I have a DVD clip of the whole chase.  I friend bought
the video and made the DVD for me.  The Fasty is a
'66, or '67, (four lug, no gas filler on the front
fender).  The roof seems to have been cut not for a
sunroof, but as a stunt film car, (so the cameraman
could stand and shoot other cars unobstructed).  It's
cut from just behind the windshield frame, to the rear
deck just below the rear window.  And just inside the
roof reinforcements on the sides.  A shame really ;-(
It's a very crazy chase scene, the Fasty seems to have
held up well though.  Both the car and the driver were
victorious in the end ;-)
Big Al if you would like a copy for your site, let me


John La Francois
Blauvelt, NY
'67 Beetle (Bubb) Currently under rustoration, by
'65 Notchback S (Nubb) Awaiting rustoration
'98 Jetta GL (Wolfgang) Wife's Daily Driver

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