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Re: [T3] T3 Weekend work (shocks and carbs - long)

<x-flowed> >Hmm, I take it that both of you are talking about the same "jet". It is
very possible that you guys are right, but how come this does not show in
any of the books I have (Bentley, Hayes, Muir, Scientific 47)? Does anyone
have a drawing/diagram of parts for stock solex carbs? Does this jet sit
inside of the float chamber? From what I understood from you it does, and
attaches to the top of the carb cover vertically into the float chamber.

I pulled out my manuals and none of the ones you list show it (I even have the Scientific). Picutes of the cover are all from above! However it is in the orange Elfrink, page 78. As a matter of fact, if you want to know how air and fuel flow in all modes check out 75 through 78. Elfrink describes the power tube as "calibrated", so I guess the tube itself is the "jet". The tube fits in the carb cover in the corner of the fuel bowl closest to the electric idle cut-off jet. Perhaps if both your carbs are missing this part the car may run smoothly on hills, but be anemic. From my experience having one functioning jet is noticeable rough in >70 or hill climbing.

Peter Parker
'66 Square; Phillip
Portland, OR

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