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Re: [T3] T3 Weekend work (shocks and carbs - long)

On 19/01/04 16:25, "John Jaranson" <jaransonT3@comcast.net> wrote:
>> I wonder if it could be the pipe for the high speed jet. I had one of
> these fall out of >one of my carbs on the trip back from Parma. It is a
> pipe maybe 3 mm in diameter and 3 cm >long. Is supposed to be stuck in
> the carb top, pointing straight down. When mine fell >out the car still
> run fine except for a miss at 70 mph or so.

On 19/01/04 18:06, "Parker-Durost" <ginpete@xprt.net> wrote:
> Funny, I lost the "power" jet tube on the way back from Parma.  Car had
> no power above 70 or when climbing hills.  Luckily the last few hours
> into Portland are downhill through the Columbia river gorge.   The brass
> thing is a tube, with a passage in it right?  The power jet points perp.
> from the top of the carb, about 1.5 inches long.  The outlet of this up
> high in the venturi, just another tube, there is no jet.  It only sucks
> gas when there is alot of vacuum, i.e. your foot is into it.

Hmm, I take it that both of you are talking about the same "jet".   It is
very possible that you guys are right, but how come this does not show in
any of the books I have (Bentley, Hayes, Muir, Scientific 47)?  Does anyone
have a drawing/diagram of parts for stock solex carbs?  Does this jet sit
inside of the float chamber?  From what I understood from you it does, and
attaches to the top of the carb cover vertically into the float chamber.


71 Notch

PS  mail list oddity when replying.  I have a feeling that I know why is it
that for some people when clicking reply only their address is there, while
others the type3 mailing list address comes up.  Some mail programs (like
Netscape Mail, Eudora, etc) have an ability to set a "return address" while
other not.  Could this be the reason?  Those with a return address will
cause their address to appear when "reply" is pressed, while the others

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