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Re: [T3] Pan repair...and other goings on

<x-flowed>Holy smokes..

What a crazy last few days...
Yes Toby did a bang up job on the square pan it was quite a job...It sucks when "easy " jobs go bad. He did save me as I was fininshing up the install of the 1776 into the fasty it now calls home. Both Jobs completed late friday night [joy], So early sat. morning we load the square onto the tow dolly and off I go to deliver it..along the way I stop to pick-up Jason W's one wheeled trailer for him...then deliver the square..customer very happy....

Check into hotel..take wife to dinner...relax...Sunday roll out pick up next project,63 notch than will get a face lift.
Car is slated for a new power plant [1915 ], suspension adjustment and a host of polished goodies.

Also next week we sold one of our "project in waiting" cars, the new customer wants a 1700 type 4 installed in it..He is suppling the motor and tranny and we do the install.

"To some extent they are mercenaries", I like to think of it like " Type 3 Hospital" , as we now have to ability to rebuild them better than before, bigger, better faster and rust free.

Whew-Lots going on here

Martin Magnia

The DDB, Portland OR

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