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Re: [T3] T3 Weekend work (shocks and carbs - long)

> Mark is right, these sound like the float pivot rod, and the check ball
> and plug from the accelerator pump.
> The internal threads on the brass plug is the same as the screw that
> holds the tail light lens. I keep one in my tool box to pull that plug
> when cleaning the carbs.
> If you are missing the brass spring that holds the float pivot rod down,
> I have in a pinch whittled one from a piece of wood until I could locate
> another. Flush with the top of the bowl, and a notch on the bottom side
> to clear the float arm. The newer ones were plastic.

Thanks for the responses Mark, Steven and Russ.  I was if the same idea as
you guys, but the float pivot rod was and is where it is supposed to be,
through the pivot of the float and with the brass spring holding them both
into place on the carb body.  I had a good look around the chamber to see
where the parts are from.  The accelerator pump valves that you described
are still there on both carbs.  Both carbs had their float (rod, etc) and
pump valves in place.  I will probably have to open them again and re-check
that everything is in place.  But the carbs work fine, the right carb is
pumping and squirting.

71 Notch

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