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Re: [T3] T3 Weekend work (shocks and carbs - long)

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From: "Petri O. Calderon Larjanko" <petri@unsw.edu.au>

> I opened the top of the carb and peered in: there was no
> petrol in there, yet none could go in.  I then noticed a few small metal
> pieces at the bottom of the chamber underneath the floater:
> 1. A thin metal rod about 2-3cm long
> 2. A small bearing
> 3. A cylindrical metal object that had a threaded hole in the inside (the
> cylinder was about 5mm in diameter and about 7mm long).

Hi Petri,
Yes these sound like parts of the carb. The metal rod sounds like the
bearing rod for the float- are you sure that this wasn't dislodged when you
took the tops off the carbs? Is it about 2-3mm dia and made of brass? If so
it should go through the bent brass tube structure at the end of the float
arm and sit in the grrove at the end of the float chamber and there should
be a thin bent brass spring retainer that sits on top of it, under the

the bearing sounds like one of the accelerator pump valves. It is not
normally accessible as it is usually retained by a small brass plug that is
strangely threaded internally like (3)! I don't think that this plug is
meant to be removeable but you might be able to press it back in. Without it
the accelerator pump should not work at all! You should be able to see the
same plug on its hole inside the other carbs float chamber (at the bottom
facing up)

I just rebuilt/configured my carbs (again) and returned them pretty much to
their original state ( I had a mix of early and late bodies before that
worked OK but not perfect) I am really happy that the car now runs better
and seems to be more powerful. However the idle adjust screws are very loose
and I'm worried that they will adjust themselves so I want to replace the
o-rings on the adjuster screws. Does anyone know the original size of these
(mine are now square not o) ?

Mark Seaton
'73 Fasty

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