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Re: [T3] Pan repair...maybe you should just swap!

Doh!  No, I didn't.  I was on a tight schedule.  Martin dropped it off
Wednesday, we somehow removed the passenger seat (severely stuck to the seat
rail), then dinner and bed-time.  Thursday and Friday were the work days and I
was up until midnight on Friday to finish it.  Early Saturday morning Martin
came by and we put it on the tow dolly for it's ride back up to Seattle.

We did drive it to our storage spot on Wednesday to pick up the donor pan and
it was raining.  There was water coming in from the windshield.  When the car
was up on its side there was quite a bit of water slowly leaking out of the
doors (and onto my face and shoulders and neck and arm and...).  This car was
in rough shape but the lady wasn't an original owner.  However, she was an
avid skiier and LOVES the car for its snow-worthiness :-)

While I was waiting for stuff to dry (paint, sealers, etc.) I did some minor
stuff like clear the fender and door drains, vacuum the rest of the cabin,
adjust the steering to remove the slop, put some insulation around the heat
exchanger-to-cabin metal hose so her heat would be a little better, shorten
the screws on the luggage rack so they wouldn't keep scraping across the
sunroof, and cleaned/primed the scratches on the sunroof -- whoever installed
the luggage rack used the correct screws everywhere except the forward two,
and they scraped the sunroof just as it was sliding into the roof.

The car was FI and ran GREAT!  Sunroof was smooth.  Steering wheel was a
GORGEOUS wooden Italian unit (Martin or Brian can chime in with the name, I
forgot it).  The interior was SHOT -- no headliner whatsoever.  It was nice to
drive a mechanically sound, stock car.  Sorry Hal, your fasty is prettier but
we gotta do something with your engine ;-)

     Toby Erkson
     '72 VW Squareback, '95 VW Jetta GL, '81 Gold Wing GL-1100, '73 Porsche 914

> you able to check up in the rear wheel well and fix any leak that might have
> been there, which would have been the cause of the original rust?

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