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Re: [T3] Ebay cooling tin

> I was watching that auction, too, because it contained some of the small
> pieces that everyone always wants. I'll stay away from it, however, if
> just what you need.

Thanks, you guys are really nice about this, other cars i've owned people
made a mailing list look like the rants forum on the samba the way they
fight over parts.

> OTOH, if what you have right now is a beetle engine, then you would be FAR
> better off just buying a complete core type 3 engine somewhere for $50 to
> Just make sure that it has all the thermostat linkage stuff and plan on a
> complete rebuild. Get a 70 or later core and you'll have everything that
> might need to rebuild into a good reliable engine.

Actually, what I have now is a universal case(AS41?) and the PO told me I
could convert it back to pancake with "a few parts"

> There really are a lot of LITTLE differences between a beetle engine and a
> 3 engine, and, while they are all solvable, they can wear you down, one by
> when you try to do the conversion.
> If you can, go to a junkyard and find a car that is obviously wrecked. You
> don't want to buy an engine from a car if the reason the car is there is
> the engine is shot.

I've been talking to Martin and theDDB and he's really helped me out
figuring this out, he's sent me a list of parts to check to see if I have,
he's e-mailed me diagrams of all the parts and the way they line up. The guy
is braving horrendous snowstorms to help me get this done. I've just gotten
slammed with some huge medical bills and really can't afford getting
everything from him for at least a month so I'm trying to pick up some less
expensive parts while I can and get everything else from him ASAP.

> If you need a type 3 exhaust, I still have one of the 4-tip Monza exhausts
> go for $25-50 on ebay. They're not a particularly good exhaust, but you
> have it for the shipping and packing.

sounds good, any reason why they're not particularly good? I've seen a lot
of Monza's for sale and thought about getting one a few hours ago, but now
I've learned there not that good. care to enlighten me?


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