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Re: [T3] Ebay cooling tin

On 15 Jan 2004 at 13:31, Cody wrote:

> I'm probably going to have to place another higher bid if I want to win it.
> It ends at 6:47AM my time and I'll still be at work, I'd be able to come
> home just in time to see that I lost it, ha. The one auction he had that I
> lost was for a type 3 exhaust and I lost it by $1 because it ended at 3PM
> and I had to get some sleep. so if anybody has an exhaust for sale I'm
> looking, seeing how my current exhaust wont work once i get my engine back
> to pancake.

I was watching that auction, too, because it contained some of the small tin 
pieces that everyone always wants. I'll stay away from it, however, if it's 
just what you need.

OTOH, if what you have right now is a beetle engine, then you would be FAR 
better off just buying a complete core type 3 engine somewhere for $50 to 100. 
Just make sure that it has all the thermostat linkage stuff and plan on a 
complete rebuild. Get a 70 or later core and you'll have everything that you 
might need to rebuild into a good reliable engine.

There really are a lot of LITTLE differences between a beetle engine and a type 
3 engine, and, while they are all solvable, they can wear you down, one by one, 
when you try to do the conversion.

If you can, go to a junkyard and find a car that is obviously wrecked. You 
don't want to buy an engine from a car if the reason the car is there is that 
the engine is shot.

If you need a type 3 exhaust, I still have one of the 4-tip Monza exhausts that 
go for $25-50 on ebay. They're not a particularly good exhaust, but you can 
have it for the shipping and packing.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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