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Re: [T3] Dual Carbs / General Stuff.

On 15 Jan 2004 at 1:08, Ed Clare wrote:

> Heh, I'm not sure I want challenging, but I'm sure I want to keep this
> '69 square!  I'm not necessarily opposed to challenge, except that this
> car is my only vehicle, and challenging sounds like a lot of downtime to
> me. 

I was talking about very early cars, which, in my mind would mean those 65 or 
before. They are only challenging in the sense of hard to find original parts 
for. Your 69 is no problem.

All type 3s sold in the US from 68 on came with FI. If yours is dual carbs it 
was either brought back from Europe by someone, or it was converted at a later 
date. The FI is a very good system, but it suffers a lot from lack of 
understanding. If you have dual Solex carbs, or the Brazilian copies, they will 
work very well, but others may take a lot of work to get them jetted right.

> Say you all just had a Type 3 dropped on your doorstep for *free*.
> (don't worry, it wasn't dropped from very high)   
> How would one go about getting a general status of the vehicle?

Look at the body, brakes, and front axle swing arm bearings. Ignore the way the 
body looks when you walk around the car, you have to look at the hidden places 
where rust can penetrate: rear of the front wheel wells, front of the rear 
wheel wells.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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