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Re: [T3] Dual Carbs / General Stuff.

EdC=> I've currently dual-carbs on my '69, ...
=> Does that mean I have an engine that's not
=> supposed be in my car?

Maybe, maybe not. FI was prevelant on US-bound IRS cars, but yours could
have been set up for a different market or optioned special for the original
owner. Look for unused screw holes and hardlines to the fuel tank, for
instance, as evidence of a missing FI system.

=> I'm not sure I want challenging, ...

Don't worry. '69 parts are a little harder to find than '70s parts, but only
a little. They're all challenging.

=> ... sounds like a lot of downtime to me.

Leaving aside major body work and drive-train rebuilds, there aren't that
many jobs that can't be done in an evening wrenching session if you have the
parts and tools on hand. It's the surprises that get you -- when you thought
you had the right part, or when you open up a project and find you need
something unexpected.

=> Where do I start on the inspection?

Because you're depending on the car, your priority is reliability, so I'd
start with the mechanicals:

Compression test
Set valve lash
Check dwell and timing
Check carb balance
Engine bay inventory: what's missing? what's messed up?
Change engine and trans oils
Replace all soft fuel lines
Check shift linkage
Wheels off, clean and inspect brakes
Consider replacing all brake softlines
Replace brake fluid
Inspect tires
Check front-end joints and steering damper
Adjust steering
Grease front end and steering box
Check shock absorbers
Check and clean electrical connections at starter and ground straps

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