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RE: [T3] Question on wheel trim rings

>>Over the years I've seen 2 different kinds of wheel trim rings supplied with
type 3s:  The ones I call the plain ones, which are just one piece of aluminum.
>>And the ones that are the same as those above, but that have, in addition, a
grey rubber insert around the valve stem.
>I'm pretty sure my '67 had the original trim rings and it had the rubber

>I have also bought complete sets of trim rings just to get a couple missing
rubber inserts.

>There are more than just 2 types of trim rings, of course.  The 64-65 5-lug
style, for one example.  Various accessory trim rings.

I am the second owner of my '66, and it has the shinier aluminum trim rings,
with grey rubber inserts.  Although the original owner said the car came
without any trim rings.

I believe that, for some strange reason, U.S. bound 1966 type 3's came with
black painted wheels, and the trim rings were optional.  Starting in 1967,
they were standard through '69.  It seems that most aftermarket rings have a
more dull finish than the OE rings.

Also, if anyone has any mint, shiny OE four lug trim rings for sale, I am
interested, as mine are a bit dinged.

Yancy Everhart
'66 361
'63 343

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